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The team behind LIVE! Modern School of Music is constantly exploring the intersection of music and education, and are dedicated to crafting an experience that is both intuitive and intellectual.


Together, we've developed fun and interactive content that continues the conversation around music and general happenings on the social networks students and parents love the most. From blog posts to Instagram contests, each piece is designed with LIVE! families in mind, while still staying true to the school's unique voice.




From show recaps to activity guides and interviews, we're constantly creating new posts for LMSOM that keep parents up to date and provide students with inspiring content throughout the semester.


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Working hand in hand with LIVE's design and marketing team, we helped curate the type of social content the school's students and families are genuinely interested in - music tips + fun facts, monthly contests, and behind-the-scenes stories from live shows and events.

Today is the first and only #FridayThe13th of the year, so we’re keeping it creepy with an urban legend that’s been circling around since the 60’s - is #PaulMcCartney not really Paul McCartney? According to a rumor traced back to 1969, the original Paul McCartney died in a car accident in ‘67 and was replaced by a Beatles lookalike contest winner. Believers of the theory claim that messages about Paul’s death are hidden within their songs and album covers, like Abbey Road - according to some, the way the band is styled symbolizes a funeral procession, with John representing a priest, Ringo an undertaker, George a gravedigger, and a barefoot Paul representing a corpse. What do you think? 👻 or still 🏃🏻?
— #KeepItCreepy #FridayThe13th #Faul