Join Us for a Sacred Journey 

Guided by Don Jose Ruiz, Ramakrishna and Gaya

Travel Dates:

November 13 - 26th, 2016  



Cost Covers:

• 5 Star accommodations with hotel breakfasts included                          

• Temple entrance fees and special rituals                                   

• All transportation within India

* Registration is Double Occupanc


The Trip

Everyone born on this earth as a human being has to remove an energetic layer of illusion covering the soul that, in the Indian tradition, is called Mahamaya. Maya is the great illusion of the mind that prevents us from knowing the truth of what we are. It is the darkness, the shadow that blocks the brilliance of the perfected consciousness, the Divine Light that shines within. We will be exposing ourselves to the spiritual multi-vitamins stored in the earth and nature of India. Every power spot vibrates at a certain frequency of Light and what is needed is the same frequency acting like a key to open its doors to the power stored within.

Together, we will embark on a spiritual journey to North India where the ancient temples and ghats are alive with the supernatural energies of power objects left for thousands of years by the Holy Ones who walked, lived and died on Her Earth, Mother India. 

We will meet in Mumbai, and our trip will take us through various temples and spiritual sites throughout Shirdi, Rishikesh, Varanasi and Kolkata. 

Our family shared a longing to return to India and it is from this hearts desire that this journey was created. If there is something inside you that feels the same, we heartfully invite you to join us.


The Guides

don Jose Ruiz, Toltec Nagual and son of don Miguel Ruiz who carries the wisdom of his ancestors and a special spiritual connection with the Divine Indian Master, Yogananda.

Ramakrishna, step-son of don Miguel Ruiz, was named a Toltec Nagual and later lived 15 years in India taking sannayas from a Divine Master, Sri Kaleshwar.

Gaya, named the Nagual Woman by don Miguel, lived as his wife and step-mother to his sons, is the mother of Ramakrishna and lived and studied in India for many years.